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Party Platters 

Platters are either 12" (serving 8-10 people) or 18" (serving 18-20 people). 

Antipasto Platter:                                                                               $55.95/$109.00

Prosciuto di Parma, Mortadella, Sopressata, Parmigian0 Reggiano, Pepato.  Garnished with Mixed Olives, Roasted Peppers & String Beans or Asparagus.  Served with Bread.

Vegetable Grigliata:                                                                          $45.00/$95.00

Grilled Roasted Peppers, Grilled Eggplant, Grilled Zucchini, Grilled Portabella Mushrooms, Grilled Squash.  (This Platter wll be customized to seasonal vegetables.)  Served over a bed of Mixed Greens.  

Mediterranean Cheese Board:                                                           $69.00/$129.00

Arrangement of Italian Cheeses, such as Parmigiano Reggiano, Pecorino Toscano, Provolone, Pepato, and Fontina.  Garnished with Mixed Olives and served with Focaccia Bread.

Focaccia by Sfizi                                                                                           $18.95

Our homemade Focaccia Breads:  Finalized with Rosemary, Carmelized Onion, or Fresh Garlic.  



This is just a sampling of the platters we prepare.  We can always Customize to your tastes and needs.  


Sfizi Cafe requires 24 hour minimum notice; delivery fee determined by location.

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