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Hot Pasta Entrees Selection 

Half Tray /  Full Tray

Meat or Spinach Lasagna                                                        $79.00 / $150.00

Made with fresh ground meat or fresh spinach and ricotta cheese.


Gnocchi Bolognese                                                                  $69.00 /  $135.00

Potato pasta served in a meat marinara sauce.


Homemade Cavatelli Arrabiate                                                 $69.00 / $135.00

Short homemade pasta with fresh vegetables in a spicy red sauce.  

(Sauce can be spiced according to your preference.)


Baked Pasta                                                                             $65.00 / $119.00

Pasta with tomato sauce & ricotta cheese, baked to perfection.


Penne Puttanesca                                                                         $65.00 / $119.00

Penne Pasta served with capers, anchovies and olives in a spicy

marinara sauce.


Rigatoni alla Vodka                                                                   $75.00 / $140.00

Short pasta served in a pink parmigiano and vodka sauce.


Homemade Tagliatelle al Cinguale                                            $89.00 / $150.00

Homemade fettucini-like pasta in a wild boar ragu.


Farfalle Allegra                                                                          $85.00 / $145.00

A bow tie pasta in a very light pink sauce with grilled chicken.


Spinach Ravioli                                                                       $69.00 / $135.00

Spinach & ricotta ravioli served with pesto & gorgonzola sauce.


Orecchiette With Broccoli Di Rabe                                            $69.00 / $135.00

Oreccchiette pasta with rapini in a garlic & oil paprika sauce.



These are just a sampling of the types of hot pasta dishes we can create for you in half or full trays.  As always, we are happy to work with you to Customize a pasta tray to your tastes and needs.

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